Uses the data entered to perform predictive analysis
SPSS v26.0
2 Jul 2020
SPSS v21.0
14 Aug 2013
Editorial review
SPSS v20.0
7 Sep 2011
SPSS v19.0
11 May 2011
Editorial review
SPSS v17.0
23 Dec 2008
SPSS v16.0
1 Mar 2008
SPSS v15.0
9 Sep 2008
SPSS v14.0
19 Oct 2008
SPSS v13.0
23 Jul 2009
SPSS v12.0
26 Dec 2008
SPSS v11.5
10 Sep 2008

What's new

v21.0 [14 Aug 2013]
Added in Version 21
⦁ Monte Carlo simulation techniques for building better models and assessing risk when inputs are uncertain in ⦁ SPSS Statistics Base
⦁ Ability to import IBM Cognos Business Intelligence data into SPSS Statistics
⦁ Password protection for data and output files in SPSS Statistics
⦁ Two datasets or files can be compared in SPSS Statistics
⦁ Improvements to pivot tables in SPSS Statistics
⦁ Improved storage space by compressing the data file in SPSS Statistics
⦁ Integration of the Java programming language through the ⦁ SPSS Statistics Programmability Extension
⦁ Load balancing through ⦁ SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services improves scalability and performance in ⦁ SPSS Statistics Server
⦁ Single sign-on between the SPSS Statistics client and SPSS Statistics Server
⦁ Improved security enables SPSS Server to run as non-root on Unix/Linux
⦁ Client and server software can be on different release levels
⦁ Easier model specification in ⦁ SPSS Amos
⦁ Improved and faster file merging in SPSS Statistics
⦁ Export output to Excel 2007/2010 (.xlsx)
⦁ Pivot table output for Generalized Linear Mixed Models in ⦁ SPSS Advanced Statistics
⦁ Improved usability with one-click descriptive information from the data editor

v19.0 [11 May 2011]
Generalized Linear Mixed Models – Create more accurate models for predicting non-linear outcomes in the Advanced Statistics module
Faster Performance - For compiled transformations in IBM SPSS Statistics Server and up to 200% performance gain for generating pivot tables in IBM SPSS Statistics Base
Statistics portal – Provide customized, Web-based analysis capabilities to colleagues and customers in IBM SPSS Statistics Server
Automatic Linear Models – Build powerful linear models in an easy, automated way in IBM SPSS Statistics Base and IBM SPSS Statistics Server
Syntax Editor – More than a dozen performance and ease-of-use enhancements for writing syntax in IBM SPSS Statistics Base and modules
Default Measurement Level – Automatically sets your measurement level during analysis in IBM SPSS Statistics Base and modules
Direct Marketing – Easier access to pre-built models, better ways to score data, and access to customer information in Salesforce.com from the IBM SPSS Direct Marketing module, IBM SPSS Statistics Base and other modules
IBM System z Support – Ability to operate server versions of IBM SPSS Statistics Base and modules on IBM’s powerful mainframe servers

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