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  • Customer Database 2
  • Educational Level: Frequency of Occurrence
  • Job Satisfaction: Frequency of Occurrence
  • Customer Database 1
  • Job Satisfaction vs Educational Level
  • Job Satisfaction with Educational Level
  • SPSS Statistics Viewer - Frequency Statistics
  • Statistics
  • First Run - Start Up Wizard
  • License Wizard

Publisher's description

IBM SPSS Statistics is a modular, tightly integrated, full-featured software comprised of IBM SPSS Statistics Base and a range of modules.

Each module-IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics, IBM SPSS Bootstrapping, IBM SPSS Categories, IBM SPSS Complex Samples, IBM SPSS Conjoint, IBM SPSS Custom Tables, IBM SPSS Data Preparation, IBM SPSS Decision Trees, IBM SPSS Direct Marketing, IBM SPSS Exact Tests, IBM SPSS Forecasting, IBM SPSS Missing Values, IBM SPSS Neural Networks, and IBM SPSS Regression-adds extra functionality to your system.

This evaluation version will install the entire IBM SPSS Statistics package for 21 days for Windows and 21 days for Mac.

This version is to be used only to review, demonstrate and evaluate IBM SPSS Statistics, and cannot be reinstalled once the time period has expired. 64-bit is now available for Windows though not as a trial version.

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    amada Last month

    It is good software.

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    minnie 2 months ago

    Good job.

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    Daniel kebede 2 months ago

    Please, I need SPSS software package for data analysis freely. So help me.

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